Treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes Indore With the rising number of diabetes cases, the need for blood sugar treatment in India has increased to a great height. Diabetes arises from a primary problem of insulin deficiency, but it invites several other problems. So, while selecting a Diabetologist, one should check the infrastructure of the hospital to confirm whether it provides complete solution for diabetes problems. Sewa Center has the best infrastructure and has the specialist doctors for diabetes and all these have helped it to offer the best treatment for Diabetes in Indore.

Why our clinic

At Sewa Center, we take a holistic approach towards the diabetes related problems instead of a superficial treatment of diabetes. Mere application of medicines or insulin injections is not enough for diabetic care. Here we offer complete support to our patients to lead a healthy life as long as they live. Our doctors in diabetes care gives individualized treatment to every single patient.

Best Diabetologists for diabetic care

We have the best diabetologists for diabetes to diagnose and manage the problem at any level. We have the most efficient team for diabetes management including diabetes specialist doctors in India, dietitians, physiotherapists and psychotherapists.

Our diabetes treatment includes solution for type 1 or insulin dependent (total cessation in insulin production) and type 2 or insulin resistant (insufficient insulin production and abnormality in its function) diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is more common in children or adolescents and so it is called juvenile diabetes; but it can occur at any age. Type 2 is mostly found in overweight adults, especially those who have a genetic history of the disease. We are also experts at handling special cases like diabetes in pregnant women (gestational diabetes) or in newborns (neonatal diabetes). Being the best Diabetes Hospital in Kochi, we are specialists in blood sugar treatment and can provide the best care to our patients.

Diabetes treatment includes diet counselling, exercise and medication. Planned diet helps in managing the blood glucose level by controlling food intake while medication is given to increase insulin secretion and to fight insulin resistance, and also to decrease blood glucose level. Our experts are updated about the latest medication for diabetes. The dietitians are experts at guiding a diabetic diet program. All these treatments are administered depending upon the type and stage of diabetes and the age of the patient.

For type 1 diabetes where the insulin production has ceased, insulin needs to be injected regularly. Modern technology in the form of insulin pump is available which provides insulin round the clock according to your requirement. The bonus point of an insulin pump is that you can manage the insulin intake according to your lifestyle, instead of adjusting yourself to the routine of insulin injection. Here insulin is provided through a catheter and you can put the device attached to your body in a waistband or clip it on the undergarments.

Besides treatment, constant monitoring of blood glucose levels is an important part of diabetes management. In difficult to manage patients, a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) is recommended, where a glucose sensor is placed under the skin to measure the blood glucose levels continuously. Though diabetes cannot be completely cured, but it can be under control with constant monitoring.

Additional support

Psychiatric support is a crucial part of diabetes management as a patient often goes through severe emotional turbulence. Besides sudden rage of anger, depression or frustration without any proper reason, there is the challenge of coping with the new routine and the sudden change in the diet. For foodies it becomes more difficult to accept the sudden restriction of eating. So, our psychological experts help a patient to accept the situation and happily survive through it.

As diabetes medicines and insulin can cause weight gain, an important part of diabetic care is body weight management, which is done through nutritional support and physiotherapy. Besides body fitness, exercise for diabetic patients also helps in stress management. Physical activity is a must to help the body absorb the glucose in the blood. Regular eye check-up is also a vital part of diabetic care.

Treatment is affordable

As diabetic problem needs a series of consultations, one may naturally worry about the cost of the treatment. It is evident that a person has to spend a lot of his hard-earned money for diabetes treatment. The best part of the Sewa Center is that you can avail affordable blood sugar treatment here. In this regard you can visit the best Endocrinologists in India at nominal charges at our Center.

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Sewa Center has grown up to provide the best diabetes treatment in Indore by top diabetologists, offering unmatched care for diabetic patients. Visit our Center without delaying to see the best diabetes specialist doctor in Indore. We don’t stop at just treating diabetics, but make a complete plan for the patient to follow later to have full control over the disease. With proper attention and timely care, diabetes could be fully under control and you can live a normal healthy life. So, if you are diagnosed with the disease or your body shows the symptoms, do not delay to visit our center, for the best diabetic care.