Diabetic Foot Care- All you need to know

Diabetes Indore Foot infection is one of the most scary problems in diabetes. A severe case can lead to foot amputation; hence, diabetic foot care is very important. You need a specialized foot check-up annually even if the feet are apparently normal, so as to prevent occurrence of any future complication. We are the best Podiatry hospital in Kerala having a dedicated diabetic foot care team to do that. If there are corns and calluses on your feet, the foot care experts will trim them safely to avoid chances of infection. They will also train you to trim your nails and care for the toes and the gaps between the toes. Although treatment for diabetic foot problems has improved, prevention including good control of blood sugar level remains the best way to prevent diabetic complications.

Causes of diabetic foot problems

Footwear: Poorly fitting shoes are a common cause of diabetic foot problems. If the patient has redness, blisters, corns, calluses, or pain associated with wearing shoes, new properly fitting footwear must be obtained as soon as possible.

Nerve damage: People with long standing or poorly controlled diabetes are at risk of damage to the nerves in their feet.

Poor blood circulation: Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to accelerated hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis. Blood flow to injured tissues is therefore poor and healing does not occur properly.

Infections: Fungal infection of the skin or toenails can lead to more serious bacterial infections and should be treated promptly. Ingrown toenails should be handled right away by a foot specialist.

Diabetic Foot – Symptoms

  • Persistent pain
  • Redness can be a sign of infection
  • Swelling of the feet or legs can be a sign of underlying inflammation or infection
  • Hair not growing on the lower legs and feet
  • Localized warmth can be a sign of infection
  • Drainage of pus from a wound
  • Numbness in the feet or legs can be a sign of nerve damage from diabetes.
  • Redness spreading out from a wound is a sign of a progressively worsening infection.

Diabetic Foot - Diagnosis

Physical examination: Examination of the sensation in the feet using a biothesiometer, an assessment of the blood circulation in the feet and a thorough examination of any problem areas. Swelling of the feet in a diabetic patient is a signal that there’s a problem which may be due to poor circulation to the feet but also may be due to neuropathy; nerve damage in the extremities.

Laboratory tests: The doctor may decide to order a complete blood cell count. He or She may also check the patient’s blood sugar levels.

X rays: The doctor may order x rays of the feet to look for signs of damage to the bones, foreign bodies in the soft tissues, etc.

Ultrasound: Doppler ultrasound helps to see the blood flow through the arteries and veins in the lower extremities.

Diabetic Foot Treatment

Antibiotics: If our doctor finds that a wound or ulcer on the patient’s feet or legs is infected, he or she may recommend antibiotic therapy.

Surgery: If the wound condition is severe, our doctors will do a surgical debridement of the wound. Special dressings and antibiotics are used for wound healing.

Podiatry treatment and care: If the patient has bone related problems like hammertoes, flat feet, heel spurs, you will get special podiatry care and orthopedic care at our center.

Diabetic Foot Care Specialist in Indore

Sewa Center offers best podiatry or diabetic foot services to detect and treat the complications of diabetic foot. We are one of the leading diabetic center in India specializing in diabetic foot care and our diabetic foot specialists provide complete guidance to prevent any kind of infection. If you need special shoes or medication for foot problems, our podiatrist will provide support and guidance for that. In case of infections, we have a special team of diabetologists, podiatry surgeons and nurses to take care of the issue. We have handled thousands of cases before and so you can consider us as the best diabetic foot center.