Dr. Deepika Verma

She is a consultant gynecologist and obstetrician. She has done M.S and worked at Gandhi Medical Hospital, Hyderabad, known for its heavy patient load and maximum number of normal and ceserian deliveries. She has undergone special training at prestigious AIIMS, New Delhi in Fetal medicine & High risk pregnancy. Here she has managed cases of CVS sampling, fetal blood transfusion, amniocentesis, genetic counseling of parents. She did her special training in ultrasonography for congenital anomalies and NT certification at Hyderabad. Dr Deepika has done various poster and oral presentations at national and state level conferences. At present she is assistant professor, Dept of Ob & Gyn, SAIMS and consultant gynecologist at Verma Hospital & SEWA clinic.

She has experience in managing
  • Infertility cases,
  • High risk pregnancy management,
  • Congenital anomalies scan,
  • Antenatal diagnostic procedures (chorionic venous sampling, amniocentesis)
  • Fetal therapy,
  • Genetic counseling,
  • Complicated labour and cesarian section and

Gynecology surgeries like hysterectomy (abdominal/vaginal), non descended vaginal hysterectomy, tubal ligation etc. She is committed to healthy women and baby concept for which she regularly arrange for free camps, patient education classes etc. She is an active member of:

  • Fetal Medicine India